We offer over 50 specialty breads and over 30 bun varieties (not every day) each made reflecting the care and commitment our bakers bring to the art of bread making.

Our delicious breads and buns are of highest quality. Mixed using fresh ingredients our doughs are given the time to rest naturally before being shaped, finished and baked by highly skilled Red Seal Bakers.

Our breads and buns are hand shaped; the dough allowed to develop slowly so that the full flavour of the grain is brought out.

We use real ingredients; things you can pronounce, that are packed with flavour and nutrients.

Please contact or visit us for more information or to pre-order your favorite.

Other things you might want to know; We are a scratch bakery (that means stocking, measuring and mixing ingredients – not pre-made mixes or par-baked/frozen products).

We use the phrases “Wheat Free”, “No added yeast” and “No added sugar” to meet Canada Health Labelling Guidelines.
Since we are a flour based bakery we cannot guarantee no cross contamination for our “gluten free” products.

From an article that appeared in the Bakers Journal regarding Legislating Bread Labelling (Par-baked/frozen) (Italics are added)
“Are consumers being given the impression that the bread has been made in the same place it was baked? Especially if the loaves are being removed from the oven right in front of them by someone dressed as a baker?”

“If [frozen dough manufacturers] think that freshness doesn’t relate to the temporal span between production and consumption, then what are they doing promoting bread with a sort of theatre production coming out of an oven, suggesting the freshness that they are selling you is related to its having been recently made
And according to Whitley, there is a demonstration of harm connected to the processing additives used to extend shelf life and shorten fermentation times. Whitley refers to something that has become increasingly prevalent in the past 20 to 25 years: gluten intolerance or non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Whitley also believes there are health problems connected to the radical reduction in fermentation time in some manufactured bread.
“Research shows that only by fermenting bread properly, yeasted or sourdough, are you going to get the breakdown of those anti-nutrients that do exist in bread, particularly in whole grain bread,” he says.
In Britain and in Canada, processing aids do not have to be listed on labels. In fact, in Canada, there isn’t even a regulatory definition for “processing aid.”