We offer over 50 specialty breads and over 30 bun varieties (not every day) each made reflecting the care and commitment our bakers bring to the art of bread making.

Fresh Bread and Rolls

Our delicious breads and buns are of the highest quality, freshly mixed, shaped & baked 6 nights per week.

They are hand-shaped, allowed to develop slowly so that the full flavour of the grain is brought out.
We use real ingredients (no scary stuff), packed with flavour and nutrients. Please contact us for more information and to pre-order your favourite

Other things you might want to know; We are a scratch bakery (that means stocking, measuring and mixing ingredients – not pre-made mixes or par-baked/frozen products).

We use the phrases “Wheat Free”, “No added yeast” and “No added sugar” to meet Canada Health Labelling Guidelines.
Since we are a flour based bakery we cannot guarantee no cross contamination for our “gluten free” products.

From an article that appeared in the Bakers Journal regarding Legislating Bread Labelling (Par-baked/frozen) (Italics are added)
“Are consumers being given the impression that the bread has been made in the same place it was baked? Especially if the loaves are being removed from the oven right in front of them by someone dressed as a baker?”

“If [frozen dough manufacturers] think that freshness doesn’t relate to the temporal span between production and consumption, then what are they doing promoting bread with a sort of theatre production coming out of an oven, suggesting the freshness that they are selling you is related to its having been recently made
And according to Whitley, there is a demonstration of harm connected to the processing additives used to extend shelf life and shorten fermentation times. Whitley refers to something that has become increasingly prevalent in the past 20 to 25 years: gluten intolerance or non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Whitley also believes there are health problems connected to the radical reduction in fermentation time in some manufactured bread.
“Research shows that only by fermenting bread properly, yeasted or sourdough, are you going to get the breakdown of those anti-nutrients that do exist in bread, particularly in whole grain bread,” he says.
In Britain and in Canada, processing aids do not have to be listed on labels. In fact, in Canada, there isn’t even a regulatory definition for “processing aid.”

Cakes All Occasions

Cakes and Cupcakes, Whether you’re pre-ordering for a special occasion, or popping into the bakery to pick up one of our ready in store cakes, each one is made from scratch using the best ingredients we can source.

Every day we have a wide selection of Cream Cakes (delicious cake layer base with a light and flavourful mousse layer on top. Each one covered with a White or Dark Chocolate Ganache), layer cakes and cheesecakes.

For special dietary requirements, or for sizing not available in store and for all cupcakes please contact the bakery at 250-374-1040 or via e-mail at to place your order.

What are we going to ask?

When would you like your cake/cupcakes?
How many are you serving?
What flavour would you like?
What filling/icing would you like?
Dietary requirement?


At Erwin’s we pride ourselves on using the highest quality ingredients. With care and attention to detail we craft foods that you will be proud to serve.

The Details

Whether for meetings, business functions, family events or sending a gift of thanks and appreciation, we strive to delight.

We are able to provide delivery as needed

Please provide a minimum of 72 hours notice. Options may be limited with less notice.

Please contact us for further details and to discuss your particular event


-Cheeseburger Casserole
-Chicken Penne Casserole
-Corned Beef Casserole
-Creamy Mac’n Cheese (served with or without Farmer’s Sausage)
-Farmer’s Pie
-Friday Pie
-Lasagna (beef or vegetable)
-Shepherd’s Pie
-Taco Casserole
Please contact us for complete details
Garlic Bread


You can’t have a better ending to any meal, or pick me up during a meeting than Erwin’s delicious cookies and pastries. If you are looking for something special for your event please contact us for further information

-Cookie Trays
-Dessert Trays
-Mixed Trays

Mon-Fri 7:30 am to 4 pm
Saturdays 8 am to 4 pm
Closed all Stat Holidays


Erwin’s offers a full selection of both canned and bottled beverages including juices, waters, pops, and specialty drinks such as San Pelegrino; Iced Teas; Mineral Waters HOT BEVERAGES
Our selection includes; Fair Trade Organic Coffee A selection of Black; Green and Herbal Teas


These trays are a fan favourite and include a variety of our freshly scratch made pastries and breakfast items. You can specify your choice, or simply have our experienced staff create something wonderful for you. Options include:
-Butter Croissants
-Chocolate Croissants
-Ham & Cheese Croissants
-Cinnamon Buns
Butter and/or jams can also be added


Made fresh to order your hot breakfast options include;
-Breakfast Burritos
-Breakfast Casserole



Created using a varied selection of fresh fruits these are a great addition to your breakfast; lunch or afternoon selection


Our made in house salads are bulk packed for family style eating.

Bacon Pasta Ranch; Elbow macaroni tossed with bacon, cheddar, green onion and ranch dressing

Broccoli Salad; fresh broccoli with sunflower seeds, raisins, red onion, bacon and dressing

Ceasar Salad; fresh romaine lettuce with our made in house croutons, bacon, parmesan/romano cheese and dressing

Chefs’ Salad; fresh greens with cucumber, zucchini, carrot, radish, cauliflower, red cabbage and cheese Dressings provided

Creamy Bacon Potato; this twist on our traditional potato salad includes bacon, green onion, seasonings and dressing

Greek Pasta; made with penne pasta, red pepper, red onion, tomato, cucumber, feta and our own greek dressing

Potato Salad; a classic; potato, green onion, seasoning, minced pickle, dressing

Rotini Salad; a meatless favourite with rotini pasta, celery, cucumber, carrot, green onion, cheddar and ranch dressing

Sunflower Coleslaw; made with green & red cabbage, carrot, sunflower seeds and dressing



Our sandwich trays are made to offer a wide bread and ingredient selection and unless otherwise requested can include vegetarian, egg salad, chicken salad, tuna salad as well as a variety of meat & cheese options.
These trays can also include or be made up entirely of wraps or “Bunwiches”


Each day in house we provide two soup options. Your order can include one or both of those, or we can make your soup to order. The selection is to wide to list here. Please contact us for more information.
Soups can be provided individually portioned or bulk packed in a crock pot to keep it warm.


Hot Options; Beef Sausage Rolls (full or cocktail)
Chicken Curry Pockets
Cornish Pasties
Pizza (made to order)
Turkey Sausage Rolls (full or cocktail)

Cold Options; Cheese Trays
Meat Trays
Pickle Trays
Vegetable Trays with dip



We can help.

Whether you are looking for fresh sliced meats and cheeses for home or something ready to go we’ve got you covered.

Daily we have a nice selection of deli meats and cheeses. Most days we also have in house roasted/baked meats available for purchase in addition to our regular deli meats.

Should you have a favourite meat or cheese, please ask and we will do our best to source it out for you.


For decades we have been known for our extraordinary sandwiches. Monday to Friday we prepare a varied selection of sandwiches for you. Using unique ingredient combinations, and of course our freshly baked bread we have sandwiches that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Weekdays we also have two soups for you to choose from as well as pizza, hot savoury foods and a selection of freshly made salads.

On the weekends we have a smaller selection of sandwiches and savouries readily available.

Hot Grilled Specials:
Each Tuesday and Thursday we prepare a special sandwich for our hot grilled special. Occasionally, we’ll change it out and make a Hot Lunch Special such as Pulled Pork, lasagna, cabbage rolls or another of our popular meal items. Great for lunch or even to take home for dinner.

Our weekly menu is posted on our Facebook Page for your convenience


Running late? Busy night ahead?
We always have a variety of Take & Heat entrees, pies and soups ready to go. The selection varies, so drop in to see what we have. Add a salad from our deli, some rolls and dinner is served. All made with the same care and attention as all of our bakery items.

Serving a Group?

Where else to get lunch for your business luncheon meeting than the place with the best sandwiches in town?
Call us at 250-374-1040 or e-mail us at for a full listing of options for your meeting or event.
And yes, we can deliver.