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Our Pie of the Month Membership gives you the opportunity to try our specialty pies made from scratch at Erwins.  These Pies are not available for in store purchase, they are created only for Pie of The Month Club members 


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Our Pie of the Month Membership gives you the opportunity to try our specialty pies made from scratch at Erwins.  These Pies are not available for in store purchase, they are created exclusively for Pie of The Month Club members .

Please note that the cutoff for each month is the 1st of the month. Memberships started after the 1st will default to starting the following month

The size & shapes of the pies may vary each will serve a minimum of 6 portions. Each month, we will be sending out an email to all subscribers on the dates/times to pick up their pie of the month and what the pie will be.  

Please note: Pick up only. No substitutions.

*If you are unable to make one of the pick-up dates, please call 250-374-1040 to make arrangements! 

Any pies not picked up will be donated to various organizations. 

Month Pickup dates Pie Flavour Description
December 23 & 24 Buttermilk Raspberry Pie The perfect end to any holiday meal. This delicious creamy buttermilk custard pie and taken to the next level with the addition of raspberries
January 2023 19 & 20 Winter Warmer Pie This savoury pie is full of beef, mushrooms and stilton cheese. A full rich red wine gravy ties it all together.
February 2023 14 or 17* Blackforest Pie Served in a heart shaped pan, this has all the best of a Blackforest Cake. Beautifully light chocolate “cake” shell, with our own cherry pie mixture, Kirsh, Chocolate Mousse and Whipped Cream
March 2023 23 & 24 Marvelous Marbled Cheesecake Pie Everything you love in a chocolate cheesecake nestled into a chocolate pie crust.
April 2023 6 & 21 Magic Marshmallow Pie Just because it’s so pretty. Perfect for Easter. Imagine Ambrosia Salad in a flaky crust.
May 2023 18 & 19 Strawberry Pie Early berries will be in to create this delicious pie. Summer is coming!
June 2023 22 & 23 Lemonade Pie What is more refreshing in hot weather than lemonade? In a pie? Heavenly
July 2023 20 & 21 Summer Picnic Pie A savoury vegetarian pie. Serve it hot or cold. Delicious either way.
August 2023 24& 25 Rhubarb & Custard Tart Not all pie are pies. This month a special tart using the last of the season rhubarb
September 2023 21& 22 Flapper Pie Born of the Canadian Prairies with pie has a vanilla custard filling, topped with meringue
October 2023 6 & 7 Pecan & Frangipane Tart Something a little special for Thanksgiving. Gently caramelized pecans nestled in a bed of frangipane
November 2023 23 & 24 Plum & Cherry Pie A combination that works unbelievably well
December 2023 22 & 23 White Christmas Pie The hard part will be waiting until Christmas dinner for this pie. Creamy Coconut filling, topped with whipped cream and served with Strawberry Sauce
January 2024 25 & 26 Mac n Cheese Pie Is there anything that says “Comfort Food” quite so strongly? Exactly what is says. Creamy & delicious
February 2024 14 & 15 Berry Heart Pie An array of hearts topping a blend of field and bush berries. The message is clear.
March 2024 27 & 28 Lemon Verbena Ice Cream Pie Easter is here. Maybe even spring (we hope). flowers & citrus. Pretty, refreshing and yummy
April 2024 19 & 20 A Window Inside When the filling is a pretty as the outside – a window in must be created. Apples & cherries arrayed to delight all the senses.
May 2024 16 & 17 Chocolate Mint Pie 2 of our favourite flavours blended together. Fresh mint and layers of chocolate
June 2024 20 & 21 Shoofly Pie Sharon, Lois & Bram are singing in my ear
July 2024 25 & 26 Blackberry Pie You just can’t get enough berries in the summer
August 2024 22 & 23 Glazed Apple Tart Can you go wrong when the sugar ever so gently caramelizes the fruit? We don’t think so
September 2024 19 & 20 Tomato Onion Pie Simple fall flavours, brought together with goat cheese. A main, a side, a snack…. it’s up to you.
October 2024 11 & 12 Carrot Cake Pie Cake & Pie? Yes, you can have it all
November 2024 21 & 22 Turkey Pie Thanksgiving leftovers? All the flavours of Thanksgiving; turkey, stuffing & cranberries. In case you didn’t get enough
December 2024 23 & 24 Nesselrode Pie A blast from the 40’s. Fruits and nuts with a hint of brandy.
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