Notes for Net Shift

A few things about us;
Founded in 1972 by Erwin & Elisabeth We took over in 2008

Bake from scratch using quality ingredients. No chemical preservatives (sugar in all it’s forms is a natural preservative) etc..
i.e.: For our white & whole wheat flours we use what is called a “clean” flour. Not organic, but has nothing added to it as most flours do. We do use some organic flours.

Red Seal Certified bakers – which allows us to be an accredited facility for Apprenticeship training

We are better bakers than photographers  There should be a lot of photos embedded into the website that were taken by a professional photographer.

As discussed: Bakery Deli – carrying a range of products from around the world & fresh roasted meats
Catering – Sandwiches/Soups/Deli Platters/Cookie and Dessert Platters/Coffee/drinks (see new menu handout)
Groceteria – selection of grocery, local and imported products. Including naturally raised meats; made in house take home foods; take & bake pies; sausage rolls etc.

Broad descriptions of what we produce: Breads/Buns
Take home foods: i.e.: Lasagna; Cabbage Rolls; Shepherds’ Pie; etc.etc..all made on site from scratch

Local Products: Alive Foods Organic Granola
Bellringer Organic Coffee
4 Bar S Ranch meats – beef; lamb & pork; chicken