Sweeten up your day with Erwins!

Special Pies at Erwins!

Our delicious breads and buns

are made with the highest quality ingredients, freshly mixed, shaped & baked for you.

They are hand-shaped

allowed to develop slowly so that the full flavour of the grain is brought out.

hot entrees

Each day in house we provide a homemade soup.

Our sandwich trays are made to order

A wide bread and ingredient selection is provided for everyone's eating pleasure.

A full selection of canned and bottled beverages are available for in house shopping

Delicious cookies, pastries and desserts

You can't have a better ending to a meal or pick me up during a meeting than Erwin's delicious cookies , pastries and desserts.


Using unique ingredient combinations

On our freshly baked bread we make sandwiches that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

We use real ingredients (things you can pronounce)

packed with flavour and nutrients. Please contact us for more information and to pre-order your favourite