Cakes and Cupcakes, Whether you’re pre-ordering for a special occasion, or popping into the bakery to pick up one of our ready in store cakes, each one is made from scratch using the best ingredients we can source.

Everyday we have a wide selection of cakes available.

For special dietary requirements, or for sizing not available in store and for all cupcakes please contact the bakery at 250-374-1040 or via e-mail at to place your order.

What are we going to ask?

When would you like your cake/cupcakes?
How many are you serving?
What flavour would you like?
What filling/icing would you like?
Dietary requirement?

Ready to Purchase Cakes: Availability may vary day to day.

In 7" round & 8 x 12" rectangles:
Traditional Blackforest Cakes made with sour cherries; real whipped cream and Kirsch;
Carrot cakes with cream cheese icing;
Chocolate cake with Chocolate Buttercream Icing;
Chocolate Fudge Cake with Chocolate Fudge Icing;
White Sponge cakes with White Buttercream Icing.

In 7" rounds
Cream Cakes
Hazelnut Cake
Mocha Cake

For Special Dietary Needs: Wheat Free (Gluten Free) White or Chocolate with White or Chocolate Buttercream Icing in 7" rounds and 8 x 12" rectangles

For Made to Order cakes:
The above cakes can be ordered in larger sizes where applicable; or with different fillings

Our Premium Made to order cakes are:
Angel Food Cake
Blackforest Cake without Kirsch
St. Honore